3-Dimensional Cardiovascular Cartography


  •  Prevention of heart attacks could begin 5 years earlier than with other cardiac tests.
  • Test reports are used not just to diagnose the problem but also to treat heart ailmentsmore accurately.
  • CCG is a futuristic concept recognized as an invaluable tool for diagnosis andmanagement of Heart Diseases.
  • There are 36 centres across India and many more in other Asian countries including theMiddle East,  Europe and  USA.
  • 3D CCG is a FDA approved and EU Certified

Holisticmedicare Centre , Margao Goa provides high-quality care in its state-of- the-art Non-invasiveCardiac diagnostic lab.

The Technology


3D-CCG report

Some of the important parameters reported in a typical 3D-CCG report include :

Patient Profile

Patient Preparation

Patient should have been fasting for the previous 6-12 hours (water/milk is allowed).

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